IRCTC earns ~2200 Cr in revenue, with 40% profits! Such high margins are unheard of, in e-commerce. So, here's a break down of this monopoly.
With 1000 employees laid off and an ongoing funding crunch, was the 40 Cr spent on IPL Ads worth it? Let's find out!
With 6000+ laid off and VCs advising startups to "prepare for the worst!" It seems like the jolly old funding party is about to stop!
BankBazaar employs a clever SEO strategy that doesn't require them to write tons of content, and still gets them millions of users!
Netflix's marketing strategy is a big reason behind the streaming giants HUGE impact. So, let's break it down!
SEO can be an effort-intensive process. But, programming + SEO can quickly create 1000s of SEO-optimized pages! Here's how you can use it!
When Swiggy suddenly shut down its Genie across Mumbai, Bangalore & Hyderabad, we got curious to know how BIG this problem is.
For the first time since 2009, Netflix has lost users โ€” 200K in Q1, 2022. But, โ€œadsโ€ can SAVE this streaming giant. Hereโ€™s how!
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